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Our vision at Chillosophy is to establish an inclusive community and platform that empowers women to pursue their life aspirations through art, design, and lifestyle. We strive to transcend the boundaries of being just a fashion label by creating an environment that unites independent and contemporary women with a shared aesthetic sensibility. We believe that a true 'chillosopher' isn't defined by merely owning and wearing our brand, but by embracing the freedom to express themselves on their own terms.





Chillosophy was borne out of a personal need to have access to elevated essentials without sacrificing comfort. In 2018, Silky Ahluwahlia took a leap of faith and launched into fashion bringing forward her own unique and disruptive view of the industry. Since then Chillosophy has seamlessly (— no pun intended) developed their collections while maintaining their signature minimal patterns, asymmetrical cuts and impeccable hand-woven detailing.

Chillosophy’s work today essentially rests in linking the skills of traditional weavers and dyers spread all across India with those of the craftsmen working in the studio. The collective skills they bring is an accumulation of knowledge passed down through many generations. Eventually resulting in garments that defy trends and seasons, and will be handed down to future generations of independent women.

As a design philosophy, Chillosophy believes that fashion is so much more than what is worn. Everything crafted has a story to tell. The designs and ideas come from the history of womanhood, equality and self-actualization. Hand designed and created, the garments amplify the artistic process and embody sustainable fashion.

These pieces are meant to take you on your individual journey, wherever it is that you seek to go.




An innovative educator and entrepreneur, Aisshwarya DKS Hegde’s vision extends to Chillosophy as our Strategic Brand Ambassador — developing the brand beyond apparel, and as a declaration of strength and self-assurance.Read More

Driven, empathetic, and determined; Aisshwarya has done it all, from being awarded “Entrepreneurs Today, India’s 30 under 30”, to giving acclaimed TED Talks.

However, it is her untiring social entrepreneurial ventures and her belief in our brand values and aesthetics that has been the guiding foresight for Chillosophy. As someone who is deeply devoted to advancing equality, she provides insight into the catalysts for change. With every venture Aisswharya sets her sights on, she envisions a future where empowered women lead the way.Read Less

Silky Ahluwalia Chillosophy Fashion Designer



A self-taught seamstress, creative director Silky Ahluwalia has a much more hands-on approach to her designs than a formally educated designer. She finds beauty in the everyday and wonder in the familiar.Read More

Her designs are a natural extension of her life and personality — both the process of creating the line and end product are the outcome of an independent nature, a warm-hearted curiosity, and a keen eye for style.

Central to Silky’s design philosophy is the idea of contrasts — think clean sharp pleating offset by soft billowing sleeves. This love of the unpredictable finds its source in fond memories of a rebellious childhood in Daman, a small coastal town in India, where she would channel punk icons like Madonna in contrast to her classmates’ Audrey Hepburns. Chillosophy imitates and evokes visual art, natural sciences, architectural lines; and is shaped by a sober and minimalist aesthetic. Like a beautiful, thoughtfully designed building, Silky’s garments are created to stand the test of time.Read Less

Prithi Monga Chillosophy



Operations Director Prithi Monga joined forces with Silky to lead brand strategy and awareness for Chillosophy. Sharing a deep intuition for fashion and a similar design ideology.Read More

Prithi is an energetic and passionate counterpart to Silky’s more dreamy personality. A background in client relations gives her an innate ability to truly listen and connect with people.

Prithi’s contributions have helped the Chillosophy line grow from a beloved local discovery to a globally admired brand. She believes that the purchase of each garment is a personal, thrilling experience that should be treasured. Approaching life with an open heart, positive attitude and an easy laugh, Prithi has been instrumental in developing the duo’s bespoke fashion line.Read Less



Jacqui See is the Head of Brand Marketing for Chillosophy. For Jacqui, everything begins and ends with visual identity. An architect by trade, Jacqui’s career has seen her working all across Europe and Asia.Read More

On everything from high-profile tourist attractions, to award-winning residential schemes. Her ability to build brand identity from ideation to marketing is one of a pure story-teller. Truly, Jacqui and Chillosophy were meant to be. The intricate detailing and structure of Chillosophy garments perfectly align with her own style and architectural aesthetic. Her campaigns and social media strategy have a fresh and edgy take that has kept the Chillosophy identity unique and authentic. Her work ensures that the brand’s ethos of sustainable fashion is not only heard, it’s accessible.Read Less


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